ECVV T02 Smart Real-Time Language Translator Device Translating with Touch Screen for Travel Business Study, Translating 45+

ECVV T02 Smart Real-Time Language Translator Device Translating with Touch Screen for Travel Business Study, Translating 45+

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ECVV Well-chosen 3 - 15 days
Type Interpretation
Language English
Brand Name ECVV
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Model Number T02
Place of Origin China (Mainland)

ECVV Smart Realtime Language Translator Device Translating with Touch Screen for Travel Business Study Translating 45



  •  Translate as Fast as You Say- ECVV provides ultra-accurate and Fast translation in 0.1s just after your talking. It will read out the Result clearly and loudly with a standard pronunciation and record and Display it in both words and sound in its screen, so you can replay, Repeat and check the history.
  • Collect Voice Clearly Regardless of the Background- with Sensitive human voice recognition technology and noise-canceling Microphones, it will collect what you say clearly no matter where you Are in the exhibition, crowded road, hospital, Press conference or metro
  • Easy Operating and Free Updated System- Use directly after Receiving with WiFi. No App Installation or Complex setting, 2 Independent buttons for you and your client respectively, just 1 fast Clicking to choose language and speak. Perfect for elder and children, Or people not that familiar with high-tech.
  • 2-Way Translator for Deeper Communication- Unlike one-way Translator to perform a one-man show, ECVV instant translator allow your Listeners a chance to speak too and feel closer to local and make more Friends.
  • with a mutual translation among 45+ languages and accents, you Can go wherever to China, America, Spain, Greece, Germany, France, Arabic...... No matter asking direction, ordering dinner, ticket in Outside, or learning a new language at home, or serve your clients in a Salon, spa, supermarket, clinic.... this translator will get yourself Totally understand and enhance the chance to bring more business

  • Translate Faster and Smarter Than Online App or Engine
    Everyone has their own unique desires for using another language no Matter for travel, working, study, shopping, make friends...... and ECVV Translator is just to put your desire into action: stop wasting time, Do what you want to do, and start to speak to anyone you want to talk. Translate up to 3 times faster, 2 times precise by using ECVV Easy-to-use and smart translation system.
    Use Easier, Longer and Politer for Multiple People and Occasion
    1700mAh Large battery for 8-12 hours continuous use, a whole daytime with no Shutdown or hang up. Independent button for each speaker, more simple, Private and politer, protect your phone getting lost or information Being disclosed.
    Bring Automatic and Instant Translation with You for More Quality and Efficiency Life
    Start to order anything you want to eat without worrying an incomprehensible Menu, try to enjoy your long-awaited TV program, movie and Anime now without bothering by the unknown time and misunderstanding subtitle, Begin to learn a new language right now even without teacher
    Open up New Opportunities in this Globalization Economy Era
    with ECVV Translator, you will not only open up the chance to develop Cooperation with new clients in international, but also improve customer Services, and increase revenue for your company.
    ECVV Translator Give Everyone a Chance to Explore New Culture and Make International Travel Easier with More Pleasure
    ECVV Translator give you a chance to interact with local people directly and Help you to understand what they say easily when you are in a foreign Country. You will learn deeper about different culture thus to expand Your mind to the world, liberalize your experiences, and make travel More meaningful, pleasant and valuable

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